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I wanted to share some things that I am doing


I am a board member of the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council (second term)

I am also a member of the

LA Mobile home Task Force,

I am an adjunct board member of the Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank




Biker in "Cain and Able"(film) voted audience favorite at "The Other" Venice Film Festival

Store Clerk in "Little Miss Sunshine"  2006 Sundance Film Festival     SAG award

Spookyworld   Best Narrator award



Check me out on FaceBook!! Hope U get 2 C "Little Miss Sunshine" I won a SAG Award for best cast in a motion picture, Best Narrator award Spooky World, Best supporting Actor Nominee 2000HCFF, Army ARCOM, PSO award Peak Technologies, Grad LAPD community police Academy , Host fire safety video.

You could also see me in

music videos and Commercials

 on the following web sites     Puma/Guinness           TheStraysFightClubBoxer       Landfill supervior /Chuckloring

this is an internet project I am very involved in,

check it out I think you will laugh

also check out


Watch for me on TV guide channel on the show "Seeing Stars" and On MTV's FUSE In the Bowling For SoupVideo "1985" number one song in the country airring NOW!! well may be not right now but it is in the rotation and on the radio everywhere or one could go to  I have a beautiful the video 

New E-mail address



Thanks GOD            The BOSS      LACC Gabe

Ambrosia                  Pete            Future Films

C U Later Alligator       Doctor        Katz productions

Little Miss Sunshine     SUP.          Fox Search  light

Citizans Arrest      Marty               Tom Demar productions 

DocWeiler            Artie                Indie

Die Fast and Quiet EDDIE             LA film school

Bobby Z             biker                 Walker Productions

Genie               Genie                  USC

Susanna           Tony                   NYFS

Moses    reporter/stunt biker        Dir. B Macabee

Cain And Able      Hubcap            Dir. S Woodson

Chupacabra    Deputy Newton       Dir. S McGinnis

The Fourth Wall    Jacob           Dir. S Moore

Angel with an Attitude  Judge V/o  Dir. K Kauffman


Homeless Joe Show (pilot)   Emcee     Vanguard Productions

RENO 911          Biker              Comedy Central

Live Like a Star  Elivs               FOX

Seeing Stars      Contestent      TV Guide Channel

Dennis Miller         Elvis            MSNBC

D.I.C.S.       Campus Security   Trojan TV USC

Joan of Arcadia      EMT            CBS

LasVegas   Elvis Impersonator   NBC/Universal

Sunset Lane   Trevor Farley      Chasing the Sun

To Tell the Truth  Elvis Impersonator   NBC

Meatloaf Story     Calvin                     VH1

Diresta                Chuck                    UPN

Great Big  Fire Engines  Host             Global TV


CARMAX event        Elvis      CARMAX Burbank

Table read   "     "  narrator   LA Liberary Hollywood

Table read    "   "  narrator    The Complex

Table read "Saphire"  Morone    MadMan at Large productions

The Witching Hour    Doug / Jack  Mad Man At Large Productions 

Fox 11 Rick Lozano   Elvis      Toys for Tots

All in the timing     Words , Swift   Mad Man at Large Productions

Night of the living music video  4 roles  Man man at Large Productions

Play Bass for local Churches      SF Valley

West Side Story  Krupke   Stepping Stone Players

2000 Christian Film festival    Announcer     DGA

Lost Marbles Improv     Cast Regular   Comedy Store

Spooky World     Narrator     Boston

Hamlet Bumped Up    Mr. Rose    Getty Center

Fab Sonic     Tom Jones Impersonator     Write Act

Zorro Live     Zorros' Fight addvisary     LA

Commercials upon request



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Remember what they said about Computers,

Wouldn't you like to be Bill Gates now?


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